About us


Company M&B Trans Ltd was established in 1992 with headquarters in Novi Slankamen, 47a Branka Radičevića Street. From the foundation, company's main activity has been transport of goods in international road traffic, mostly focusing on routes from Serbia to countries in Western Europe and the region.
Company is conveniently located between Novi Sad and Belgrade, 11 km from Belgrade–Subotica motorway. This is the region with the fastest growing economy in Serbia.

The main building with offices is built on a company owned parcel. On this location there is also an internal petrol station, which enables purchase and import of petrol at favourable prices, a ground floor building which serves as warehouse, a large hall with up-to-date equipment for vehicle maintenance as well as automatic car wash, tyre repair section, technical inspection section according to EU standards, and car service with complete equipment and tools.

At the moment, the company has 110 complete vehicles in possession (truck + semi-trailer) with Euro 3 and Euro 5 engines. The company is one of the leading companies in Serbia, owing that to good organization, up-to-date fleet which provides sufficient number of licences for international transport, long-term transportation contracts with leading international and domestic companies which distinguish us from other, smaller transportation companies.

Apart from international transportation of goods, one of the company's activities is also domestic transport, primarily with USS company from Smederevo, which is one of the leading exporters in Serbia.

Transport, for which we have a contract signed with USS company, is an integral part of USS production process. For all our vehicles we possess CMR goods insurance of EUR 250,000 premium rate per vehicle. We also have full vehicle insurance at DDOR Novi Sad, the leading insurance company in Serbia.

MB TRANS also possesses dedicated semi-trailers for transport of rolls of sheet metal and similar cargo, semi-trailers for high volume cargo with the height of loading space up to 3 m. We also have equipment for bulk cargo transport. In addition, we also possess the ADR equipment, certificates and licences for transportation of dangerous goods, which makes us, along with everything above mentioned, a desirable carrier, able to provide excellent logistic support to its customers at any moment.

The company is represented by managers and dispatchers with long-term experience who take their job very professionally and responsibly and who have modern tracking of free capacities and modern communication. Drivers working for MB TRANS have years of experience. The transport is performed in the shortest possible time frame, we tend to cut the business expenses using all possible benefits, rebates, bonuses, we use our own petrol station etc., and all this gives us the advantage of having favourable transportation prices, thus satisfying our customer needs in every way. We also give special benefits to our long-term customers.

In addition, it would be good to mention that we are preparing the documentation for the quality certification ISO 9001, that will be achieved in 2008.